Current Map v0.2 - Major updates

by Kevin Rosa, PhD


1 min read

The v0.2 update represents the first major step towards our goal of covering the entire world in high-resolution ocean data.

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✨ New features

  1. We've added over 20 new regions, of varying size and resolution.

  2. A preliminary form of GRIB download functionality is ready for you to test.

  3. Click a point on the map to switch datasets.

  4. New data cursor behavior on desktop.

🚗 Road map

1. Short-term improvements

These will be rolled out within v0.2 over the next week:

  1. Add GRIB downloads for all regions.

  2. Add in-app feedback form.

  3. URL updates as you change datasets/location.

  4. Improve visualization behavior when zooming in/out.

  5. Fix bugs in the timestepping.

2. Priorities for v0.3 and beyond

  1. Create user login so we can remember your settings.

  2. Enhanced GRIB features.

  3. Add more regions.

  4. Monetize via paid subscription tiers for advanced features.

  5. Convert to iOS and Android apps and list in app stores.

  6. Seamless blending of models.

Note for mobile users:

Be sure to click the "hamburger button" in the top left to reveal the data menu. This is where you can get more info about the available models and download GRIB files.

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 10.24.28 AM.png

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